Saginaw C5 Corvette Transaxle Build

In preparation for our 2018 Mid Engine Corvair build, a strong transaxle must be designed and built. Utilizing a Saginaw 4 speed transmission and adapting it to fit a C5 Corvette differential seems the perfect option if you require a manual gearbox and a strong differential. The reason these components were chosen is because of their size. The Saginaw 4 speed is the only 4 speed manual transmission that also incorporates reverse gear into the transmission case. Most other 4 speed transmissions have the reverse gear in the tailshaft adding length to the transaxle which is a primary factor in the design of the transaxle. Having maximum legroom in the cockpit is primary. Every inch added to the transaxle length pushes the driver closer to the steering wheel creating an unwanted situation.

In order to get the project going a Mainshaft Bearing Housing has to be designed and created. The reason is because the rear transmission bearing housing is part of the tailshaft of the transmission which in this application, will not be used. An adapter plate is then designed and fabricated to accept the Mainshaft Bearing Housing and and hold concentricity between the transmission mainshaft and the differential pinion gear.

Below you will find the link to the video of how this assembly is created.