Mid Engine Corvair 2018

Building my first Mid Engine Corvair back in 1972 was a memorable time. Ted Trevor of Crown Manufacturing had a great idea back then. I saw his ideas and had to add a few twists of my own to create my 6-71 blown 327 version.  Now we’re some 45 years later and this mid engine car craze has now become a fury. The Corvette guys are chomping at the bit for the release of the Mid Engine Corvette, Maserati no longer has the Mid Engine Bora and a Ford GT40 cost some $400,000.00… if you’ve got the cash and are lucky enough to get one. So what next ? How about designing a mid engine car of my own ?  We’ll take C5 Corvette suspension components, shorten the inside cradles, design a strong chassis of 2″ x 4″ steel, take an old school Saginaw gearbox and modify it to bolt up to a C5 Corvette Differential so we don’t have to spend $14,000.00 for a ZF/RBT gearbox, and lastly, couple it to Chevy’s latest super engine, the LS376/525 and stuff it all under the very same 67 Corvair.  Certainly this has to be a performer. Great handling, plenty of reliable power and of course, super light so it will be super fast.

It has been a few months now and the project is proceeding forward nicely.

The transaxle has been completed and is available for viewing by clicking this link; Saginaw C5 Transaxle Build

The lower suspension cradle has been shortened and is available for viewing by clicking this link: C5 Corvette suspension cradle narrowing/shortening

A power rack and pinion unit was added to the front cradle and is available for viewing by clicking this link; Power Rack and Pinion

Here’s a preview of what’s to come: