Mid Engine Corvair 2018

Building my first Mid Engine Corvair back in 1972 was a memorable time. Ted Trevor of Crown Manufacturing had a great idea back then. I saw his ideas and had to add a few twists of my own to create my 6-71 blown 327 version.  Now we’re some 45 years later and this mid engine car craze has now become a fury. The Corvette guys are chomping at the bit for the release of the Mid Engine Corvette, Maserati no longer has the Mid Engine Bora and a Ford GT40 cost some $400,000.00… if you’ve got the cash and are lucky enough to get one. So what next ? How about designing a mid engine car of my own ?  We’ll take C5 Corvette suspension components, shorten the inside cradles, design a strong chassis of 2″ x 4″ steel, take an old school Saginaw gearbox and modify it to bolt up to a C5 Corvette Differential so we don’t have to spend $14,000.00 for a ZF/RBT gearbox, and lastly, couple it to Chevy’s latest super engine, the LS376/525 and stuff it all under the very same 67 Corvair.  Certainly this has to be a performer. Great handling, plenty of reliable power and of course, super light so it will be super fast.

It has been a few months now and the project is proceeding forward nicely.

The transaxle has been completed and is available for viewing by clicking this link; Saginaw C5 Transaxle Build

The lower suspension cradle has been shortened and is available for viewing by clicking this link: C5 Corvette suspension cradle narrowing/shortening

A power rack and pinion unit was added to the front cradle and is available for viewing by clicking this link; Power Rack and Pinion

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

So here we are a few months into the build. Along the way the decision was made to make a few changes. The largest change was to discard the 2×4″ chassis and replace it with 2×3″ double side by side chassis with .187″ wall. This was mainly because the owner wanted to be able to drive this build on the street. This change would then allow for greater strength and more than 5″ ground clearance while having the body retain is great looking stance. Here’s the end result :