Electric Power Steering

Many of America’s classic cars of the 60’s and 70’s did not always come with power steering. We have become so used to having power steering that when we get into a car without it, we’re not always happy to drive these classics. E-Power Steering has a retrofit kit available, and when I say kit I mean that loosely. The kit contains an electric power steering gearbox, an electronic control module and some couplings. The electric power steering gearbox is the very same unit used in a Saturn Vue or Chevrolet Equinox. Before venturing out on this installation adventure you better be ready to cut fender wells, weld the couplings in location and do some basic wiring of the unit and add a power source for the electric gearbox. You’ll need some real insight as to the end result of this project before getting started.

What you’ll be purchasing are the component parts to be able to complete the task. You’ll need to figure out where to mount the power gearbox and have the tools necessary to complete the task. We chose a 1967 mid engine V8 Corvair for this project. Because of the mid engine installation, the gas tank was not in it’s original location so we took advantage of this extra space available. We did not have to mount the gearbox under the dashboard as many others have done. The end result of this installation did provide a very viable option for cars without power steering with satisfactory results. If you choose to get involved in this installation we are ready to offer assistance and insight. You can call us at; 631-260-9945

Many thanks to John Lanning and Paul Beck for thier assistance and camaraderie in getting this installation completed.