If you have a passion for automobiles and see them as a work of art then you share the same ideas as I do. Red Dragon Automotive LLC was built out of passion and 50 years of expertise. I have always tried to stretch the envelope and accomplish what others say cannot be done. In the 70’s I put together a 1967 Corvette with a 327 cubic inch engine and GMC 6-71 Supercharger and drove it on the street. Today that is a commonplace accomplishment but in the 70’s, there were no Supercharger kits and certainly no drives available to run the 6-71 with a water pump.  I designed and fabricated all the components using my Dad’s machine shop ( I was 20 yrs old ) and what a car that was !  If that were not enough, the next year I built a 1967 Corvair and put a Supercharged 327 in the back seat, this also was a street car. From there my Automotive expertise brought me to the world of Maserati where I along with my long time friend Lee Bandrowicz of Lab Machine and his 5000hp Freude dyno, redesigned the Maserati 4900cc engine to run and perform on Unleaded fuel. Later my son asked me to build with him, a Series one 2400cc Turbo Neon. As it turned out, it produced 500+ horsepower and we’re not finished with that project yet, There’s more power to be made.

We just love the idea of the possibilities and then see them come to fruition.