Electric Karman Ghia

This 1964 Karman Ghia is being modified to become all electric. The AC motor will be an AC-51, boasting 88 Horsepower and 108 ft/lbs of Torque, a massive improvement from the original gasoline engine specification of 40 Horsepower and 64 ft/lbs of Torque. The motor controller will be a Curtis 1239E and operate at 144 Volts DC. The batteries required will be 44 Lithium Ion cells, 3.26 Volts each. We’re excited to build this supercar. It should be quite a performer.

The Transaxle has been rebuilt and upgraded to withstand the extra Horsepower. Disk brakes were added front and rear.

A battery box was built to hold the 44 Lithium Ion batteries which will be installed just behind the drivers seat in place of the rear seats.

In our 2nd floor Electronics Lab, all 44 Lithium Ion batteries will go through a process called Bottom Balancing. This will insure that all the batteries when installed will discharge at the same rate and bounce back to the same voltage. Any battery not making the grade will be replaced.