Mid Engine Corvair 1972


After building my 1967 Corvette with a GMC 6-71 Supercharger back in 1971, I decided that I could take my expertise one step further. I purchased a 1967 Corvair, reworked and machined the transaxle using existing Saginaw 4 speed components and put the 327 V8 with GMC 6-71 supercharger in the back seat. At the time this was totally unheard of. Nobody, not even the likes of “Big Daddy” Don Garlits was running a supercharger on the street. These photos were taken at the 1972 auto show at the New York Armory in Queens, NY. Yes, That’s me in the photo, all of 21 years old. The judges were taken back by my accomplishment and my ability to drive the car to the show and  into the showroom. I received a trophy for my efforts but since there was no category for my build, it was listed as an “Honorary Mention”.